How To Remove A Hot Tub From A Deck: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Remove A Hot Tub From A Deck

Removing a hot tub from a deck looks like an arduous task. But with the right process and preparation, anyone can accomplish this job. Follow this guide on how to remove a hot tub from a deck and make sure to prioritize safety. It’s important to take special care when undertaking a project like this, and that is why it’s important to understand the process involved. This will outline the steps to safely dismantle the deck structure and lift the hot tub off it. Once completed, you will have cleared up the area for any future projects. So let’s dive into the process of how to remove a hot tub from a deck.

How to Remove a Hot Tub From a Deck

Removing a hot tub from a deck can be a daunting task, but if you have the right tools and knowhow, the job can be done with relative ease. In this section, we’ll walk you through all the steps of safely and successfully removing your hot tub from the deck, from safety considerations and preparing the area to disconnecting the plumbing and lifting the hot tub off the deck. Follow these instructions and you’ll have your hot tub off your deck in no time!

Safety Considerations When Removing Hot Tub From Deck

When undertaking any project, safety is of the utmost importance, and unfortunately, the removal of a hot tub from a deck often comes with its own set of safety challenges. In order to ensure safe and successful removal, it is imperative for you to give careful consideration to all potential risks, and take all necessary precautions to avoid them.

A Few Safety Issues To Consider When Removing A Hot Tub From a Deck:

  1. Electric shock – If the hot tub is wired directly to the house’s electrical system, it is important to make sure the power is completely shut off and all wires are properly disconnected.
  2. The weight of the hot tub – Hot tubs can be extremely heavy; lifting them off of a deck can be a difficult task and require multiple people. Even if it doesn’t, it is important that the area is properly prepared and the hot tub is properly secured during removal to avoid any accidents (ie. dropping the tub).
  3. The deck’s structural integrity – hot tubs are designed to be supported by their own strength. With that said, removing a hot tub from a deck can damage the structure if it has not been properly reinforced to bear additional weight. Make sure that the area is properly reinforced before attempting to remove the hot tub.
  4. The stability of the area – Before attempting to move the hot tub, it is important to make sure the area is stable and there are no potential hazards that could result in an accident.

By taking the time to carefully consider the safety factors before attempting to remove the hot tub, you can ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and safely.

Preparing the Area for Hot Tub Removal

The area around the hot tub must be prepared before attempting to remove it from the deck. This process often requires access to the underside of the deck or hot tub cover, so all the safety and other considerations should be taken into account.

Start by assessing the condition of the tub itself. Make sure there are no leaks or cracks, otherwise removal could cause further damage. Check for any disconnected hoses, fittings, or screws as this might need to be replaced before attempting removal.

Next, it is critical to survey the area around the hot tub. Make sure any items near the tub are cleared and all people are a safe distance away. When lifting items with heavy machinery, it’s important to have extra space for safety.

Additionally, the following items need to be prepared ahead of removal:

  • Safety gear, such as gloves, work boots, and hardhats
  • Reinforced straps or chains that can safely lift the hot tub
  • A crane or other lifting equipment
  • A heavy duty truck or trailer to transport the hot tub

Have all the necessary tools or equipment on hand before attempting to remove the hot tub, as this will make the removal process significantly easier and quicker. The number of people involved will also depend on the hot tub’s size and displacement. If the people doing the removal are unfamiliar with the process, enlist a professional team to help with the removal.

Uninstalling Hot Tub Plumbing and Connections

Before uninstalling the hot tub plumbing and connections, it is important to make sure the area is properly prepared and all safety considerations have been taken into account. It is also essential to make sure all necessary tools and equipment are on hand before attempting removal.

To disconnect the hot tub plumbing, it is important to shut off the main water valve before removing the plumbing fixtures. Once the main water valve is off, begin carefully disassembling the hot tub pipes. Work in a well-ventilated area, as the fumes from the hot tub may be harmful.

The following tools and items should be used when uninstalling the hot tub plumbing and connections:

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver or Allen wrench
  • Pipe wrench
  • PVC glue and fittings
  • Pipe cutter or miter saw
  • Pipe thread sealant
  • Grit cloth or cloth rags

Before attempting to disconnect any plumbing, it is important to remember that hot tubs require a mix of cold and hot water. Ensure the lines for both hot and cold water are marked clearly before attempting to remove any plumbing fixtures.

When uninstalling the hot tub plumbing, it is important to start at the manifold on the hot tub and work your way to the wall. Carefully unscrew each line and use a pipe wrench to complete the disconnection. Once all the pieces have been disconnected, begin to carefully remove them from the area surrounding the hot tub.

Disassembling the Hot Tub Deck Structure

Disassembling the hot tub deck structure requires the use of tools and equipment to safely remove the deck. To begin, inspect the base for damage or disconnected parts and take care to note any unusual findings. It is recommended to use tools such as a saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver and other specialized tools designed to work with the hot tub’s materials.

Start with the posts and railings. From the underside, detach the railings by unscrewing the balusters, then remove the railings completely by removing the posts and attaching stairs, if necessary.

Next is the decking boards. Cut each decking board at the joist and slide it out or break it apart using a hammer and prybar. You may need to use a drill to remove any screws or nails.

Finally, cut or dismantle the joists and bearers. This may be challenging due to their large size, so use a saw and prybar to make sure they come out safely. Check to make sure the understructure is not affected during the process.

To make the task easier and more efficient, the following list of tools should be used:
• Saw
• Drill
• Hammer
• Screwdriver
• Prybar
• Safety glasses
• Ear protection
• Work gloves
• Folding ladder

Lifting the Hot Tub Off the Deck

Before lifting the hot tub off the deck, lay out protective ground covering to ensure the area remains free from damage. To safely lift the hot tub off the deck, secure the tub with straps or rope, attaching each outside corner to the crane cable or a lifting device. Ensure the tub is both secure and balanced before operating the crane to slowly lift the hot tub up and off the deck. With an additional person in the area to provide direction and guidance, slowly lift the hot tub up, keeping it level throughout the process. When the hot tub is clear of the deck, slowly lower it to the ground or trailer and carefully unwind the straps or rope.

Completing the Hot Tub Removal Project

After lifting the hot tub off the deck, it is important to properly clean and store the components. Remove any remaining plumbing and utilities and clear away any excess dirt or debris. To ensure the area is safe, fill in any remaining holes with cement and level the ground surrounding the deck. Lastly, before storing the components, inspect the tub and deck boards for any signs of damage and make necessary repairs.

Completing the Hot Tub Removal Project

After the hot tub has been lifted from the deck, the hot tub removal project is nearly complete. To ensure the safety of the area, it is important to address a few remaining steps:

  • Clean the deck area: sweep up any dirt, dust, debris, and wood chips left behind.
  • Check the joists and beams for any splits or breaks. Make any necessary repairs.
  • Reseal deck boards and joists and beams with weather-resistant sealant.
  • Replace any damaged or removed boards, railings, and other structural components.
  • Reconnect the plumbing and fill the hot tub.
  • Restore power to the hot tub.
  • Store any tools and tools or equipment used in the removal safely.
  • Check the space for any hazardous materials.

Completing the above steps will ensure that the removal has been successful and will ensure the safety of the area. It is always best to enlist the help of professionals for any large hot tub removal project. Knowing how to remove a hot tub from a deck safely will provide peace of mind and is the best way to protect the deck and its inhabitants.


How do you move a hot tub off a deck?

Using a crane or a professional moving company are the best ways to safely move a hot tub off a deck. If you want to do this yourself, you will need to enlist the help of several friends. First, you will need to prepare the area by tilting the hot tub to one side and lifting it slightly off the deck. From there, slide the hot tub onto a piece of plywood. The plywood helps the hot tub move smoothly and prevents the deck from being damaged. Have your friends each grab an end of the plywood, and slowly move the hot tub off the deck. Lastly, you can use a dolly and straps to transport the hot tub to its new location.

Is it easy to dismantle a hot tub?

No, dismantling a hot tub is not an easy task. It is a labor-intensive process that requires the services of a professional. Dismantling a hot tub will involve draining the tub, carefully disconnecting the electrical and gas connections, removing the pumps, filters and the cabinet that surrounds the hot tub, carefully lifting the tub out of the base, and then disposing of the components safely.

Is it hard to get rid of a hot tub?

Yes, it can be challenging to get rid of a hot tub. Depending on the size and type of hot tub, it may require special equipment and a professional moving service to remove it safely. Additionally, some local authorities have specific regulations in place regarding the disposal of hot tubs, so it is important to check local regulations before attempting to remove the hot tub yourself.

How do I get rid of a hot tub?

1. Disconnect the power: Turn off the power to the hot tub’s pump and its electrical circuit at the main panel. If the hot tub is connected to a gas line, make sure to disconnect it as well.

2. Drain the hot tub: If a hose is not available to you, use a pump or a siphoning tool to drain the hot tub’s water.

3. Disassemble the hot tub: Dismantle the hot tub’s components, taking pieces apart one by one. This will likely require tools such as a screwdriver, pliers, and wrench. Be sure to take photographs of the hot tub as you take it apart so that you can refer to them when you go to reassemble the pieces.

4. Remove the tub: Once the tub is disassembled and the water is drained, you can lift the pieces and place them outside or bring them to the place of disposal. Make sure to be careful when handling heavy items.

5. Contact your local landfill: Once all of the pieces have been removed from the hot tub, contact your local landfill. They can provide specific instructions on how to dispose of the hot tub components.


The process of removing a hot tub from a deck can seem daunting, but with the right safety precautions and an understanding of the steps involved, it can be done safely and successfully. By considering safety factors, preparing the area, disconnecting the plumbing, disassembling the deck structure, and lifting the hot tub off the deck, the job can be completed with minimal risks and with confidence. With this in mind, those looking to remove a hot tub from a deck can do so with peace of mind and assurance that the task can be accomplished safely.

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